2 Storey 4 Bedroom House Plan: A Big House For A Big Family. E everyone has a dream to construct their dream home. Sometimes their budget put them into a boundary and pushes to choose an ordinary design. Here we are ready to provide you some extraordinary house plans that can fulfill your expectations and budget. This attractive home plan is suitable for someone who is really looking for a wide lot size house. It is a 3 bedroom two storey house design.

This is a two storey house plan which has 960 sq ft ground floor area and 800 sq ft first-floor area. In its ground floor, the area is filled with a car porch; living room, one bedrooms and one are with attached bathroom, dining space, kitchen, and one common bathroom.

The first floor has two entrance is through the dining area and the structural design showing two bedrooms and one has a lengthy balcony area, one common bathroom, and an open terrace area. The 3 bedrooms two storey house elevation looks very attractive and stunning. The glass window designs have given to get more ventilation inside the house. The house entrance is through the living room and it has a connection to the dining area with an arch design. The two bedrooms are placed on the two sides of the dining hall. The kitchen has a wide area and there also placed door which has access with the outside. There is a staircase has given in the dining hall to get access to the first floor. In the first floor, the 800sq ft is used for two bedrooms, one balcony, one common bathroom, and the remaining area is left as open terrace area which is useful for future construction or gardening purpose. This is really a budgeted house plan and if you are looking for a big house for your big family then this one is the best for you. It is a modern house plan which has some similarities with the traditional structure. In some modern house plans, we can see lots of unwanted spaces are given in the name of new designs, but really that all are for the loss of money. This wonderful 3 bedrooms two storey house plan will really help you to control the unwanted lose. In a reasonable budget, you can construct a luxury look house and here your dream comes true.

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