House is a place where people love to live. Everyone have a dream to built their own houses in their own way and design. Everyone looks for their own design in a good manner, but not everyone have a enough ideas about how to plan it. Planning is an important matter in building a house, if planning is good the house we built will get a wonderful one.  This is a modern stylish home design, designed to be built in 2040 sq ft. This house has a wonderful plan and is in a well manner with no wastage in it. This is a two floor home and two of them are very well planned. In this plan, there are totally five bedrooms included, in which two are in ground floor and three are in first floor. The bedrooms in each floor are planned in a well way that there is no wastage in it. As a first part of the house , the varandha is a great attraction, with a big space in it. Coming to the next level, the living room is built in a spacious manner and to the next stage its comes to a dining room and it also have a good space to include a big dining table. from dining there is a staircase to the second floor. There is a toilet arranged in between the kitchen and bedroom and it is a common bath. The kitchen is also a big one and it is made modular. There is an attached bathroom also.

Coming to the first floor, the entrance is to a big dining hall, and from there it leads to a living room. From living there is also a common bathroom made. There are three bedrooms made in three corners and one of them are an attached one. There is a good balcony also made in the frontage part.





Living room
Dining Hall
Bedrooms: 5
Toilet attached: 2
Common bathroom: 2

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