3040sq.ft Single Storied Spacious Home

3040sq.ft Single Storied Spacious Home

We people see different styles of homes every day. This is a contemporary
style single storied house with three bed rooms .As the exterior looks ,interior
is also spacious with all facilities .veranda is extended to both sides in order to
provide two entrance one to the foyer and other to the living directly, so that
privacy can be maintained .

Dining area is provided for both gents and ladies so that there will be a privacy even the time of food .Seating arrangements can be provided either side of the living room and the other side is provided with glass in order to provide scenery to the courtyard .Separate courtyard covered with glass at the Centre of dining and living gives natural lightening to the house.
Now a day’s people believe more in the power of god so that separate prayer
hall is provided ,which can be easily accessed by ladies and gents .Stairs are
1.5m wide so that it is not congested and during the flight we gets beautiful
scenery of the courtyard as it is provided with glass .Below the landing of stairs
common toilet is provided so that gents can access without the interruption of

Ladies living is provided next to the kitchen so that food can be easily
placed. In order to access for ladies a bed room is provided from the ladies
living with one side glass in order to have scenery to the courtyard .

Master bedroom is provided with dress area and toilet ,so that it is spacious .other
bedroom which can be used as guest room is attached with toilet .This is a
home which contains modular kitchen and also work area which can be easily
accessed from veranda .One of the toilet is provided in the veranda so that
outsiders can easily access .Veranda contains 1.3m wide gap in order to
provide washing machine .

Pergola pillars are provided in the ladies living in order to provide privacy for both entering to master bedroom and people seated in the ladies living . There is a car porch at one of the front side so vehicles can be parked easily .

This house is 3040sq.ft with all facilities and very attractive at first sight.

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