Chikoo is too good for health

Chikoo or sapota is rich in iron,copper,pantothenic acid, vitamin c,e,b complex & will keep your body also has antioxidant property too.

Chikoo is a tropical fruit which can be easily grown in your homes without much effort.if you like chikoo your body is too lucky..

Some of the health benefits are discussed  here

Boosts immunity

As it an excellent source of vitamins and minerals that helps you strengthen your body’s immune system.prevent the internal organs from bacterial ,viral or parasitic effect.

Bone health

High calcium content present in this fruit will increase the strength of bone.


Vitamin a contant present in chikoo will protect the eyes.


Sapota juice is very tasty and contains nutrients that will  help in giving a strong and healthy

skin care

Improves skin complexion.vitamins and anti oxidants present will make you skin smooth and younger.

Eat this season fruit whenever r u get a chance.

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