Curd for kids

Curd is one of the important milk product rich in nutrients that are useful for health.

It contains proteins, calcium, probiotics.

Calcium &proteins absorbed in curd is more absorbed by body than that absorbed from milk.

Giving your kids yogurt or  curd after 1 year will make them healthy. children are more prone to infections like flu or any epidemic diseases because of low like curd of course boost the immunity.

What curd does?

Helps in digestion, contains probiotics.

Stronger teeth &bones as it is calcium rich.

Treating diarrhea and constipation…maintains microbial flora in stomach.

Contains essential nutrients for the healthy growth of children.

Curd can be given to children in sweet &delicious form if they refuse to have real one.

It is better to add dates than sugar for taste.

Curd rice for lunch is a tasty recipe which kids will love.

It can also be given as fruit salad.Mixing fruits with curd add little salt.It is really yummy…

Before making it a daily routine you should know about this too. Curd cannot be given if..

Lactose intolerance. .lactose is a protein.if it can’t be digested by body, condition is called lactose intolerance. Soy curd or goat curd can be given as they are lactose free.

High quantity of fat &calorie in yogurt than recommended for kids will result in weight gain that may cause diabetes, heart disease etc from the early stage itself.

High sugar also has adverse effects on child’s health.

Some curds or yogurts contain hormones which is actually administered to the cattle for yielding good quantity of milk. This hormones are not removed in all the marketed yogurts or curd ,this can even cause cancer growth.

Curd is good for health..Always read the label before you buy marketed one..achieve the benefits from what you get around.

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