Google Has Given Some Unique Upgrades To Its Gmail!

The new Gmail Upgrade, bringing a new interface and strong privacy features for the users. 

Gmail has become a significant upgrade to its structure and features.  Several new functions have been added to Gmail accounts to this year, 2019.  Now Google has revealed the newly added changes on its Gmail.
As part of its primary upgrade, it improved one of its functions that promise you to get an extra-efficient and potential Gmail activities. Now the Gmail allows its users to access their task list, calendar, G-Suite, and notes without leaving the existing tab. The new upgrades are very helpful for the users while composing an email and accessing the other features without closing the tab. The new Gmail is look like a luxury car, that is it comes with attractive look with a cleaner design.

Why New Upgrades On Gmail? 
More than a billion people are using Gmail accounts every day, and most of them are using the account for send and receive emails for business purposes. Whether you are using the Gmail account for personal use or work purpose have strong security is very important. Although, allowing people to copy, forward, print messages, and as well the expiration dates will make Gmail more helpful for the users and now with the upgraded version you can access these all with highly confidential.
How To Access The Latest Version?
Follow the below-mentioning steps to get your Gmail account with the latest version.
Step1: Open the Gmail account on your desktop.
Step2: Click the “show side panel” on the bottom right side of the view panel.
Step3: You can use this tab to get access to the tabs notes, tasks, calendar, and some other applications from the same page.
Step4: To access more application press the ‘+’ icon.

In the latest version, Gmail also brought the ‘Compose Actions’ to help your the simple file attaching option. These new features will help you out to save your valuable time and efforts while attaching a file from a third-party rack platform.

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