Health tips with jackfruit

The yellow colored fruits are very sweet & taste. It also has many health benefits.

Not only the fruit ,it’s seed is also very useful for health .

What it has

It is a rich source of vitamins like A,c,k,minerals,antioxidant, flavonoids, fiber, fat ,carbohydrate, elements like manganese, potassium, etc.

A brief discussion on its role in our body

Anti cancer property. Nowadays we all know that it is proved as one of the best food for preventing cancer.

It contains antioxidant that fight against free radicals preventing the later from damaging DNA.

Regulate blood pressure

Contains potassium that helps in the conduction of impulse by maintaining level of sodium ions.

It also maintains the electrolyte balance hence reduce risk of high blood pressure &shock.

Aids digestion.

Contains high fiber that helps indigestion. It can be given for constipation as it clears of bowel due to high fiber.

Improves vision

Contains vitamin A that is important for healthy eyes .also used in vit a deficiency disease…Night blindness.


Asthma is a common respiratory disease .it is good for  asthma patients .


Calcium,potassium,copper,manganese etc in jack fruit helps increased  production of haemoglobin.

Regulate blood sugar

Event hough the fruit is rich in carbohydrate, diabetics can enjoy eating it because these carbohydrates are easily digestible. The manganese present too helps in regulating blood sugar levels.

Jack fruit seeds also have a wide variety of roles in our body. ..Like

Boosting immunity

Source of energy

Good for hair growth

Gives you a glowing, flawless skin.

Anti ageing property etc…

The benifits are still more. we are lucky enough to have it from trees but in some countries only canned jar with sugar syrup as preservative. This is less healthy than natural.

Have it in its season without throwing even its good &healthy fruit &seed.


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