New WhatsApp  Updates 2019

New WhatsApp  Updates 2019

There Are Some Newly Added Special Features For WhatsApp-2019.

The technology is being updated daily in this year, and based on the latest news are saying the most demanded application WhatsApp has had a busy 2019. As you know recently, Facebook has updated its own instant messaging App with several new advanced features for both Android and iOS users.
And now Whatsapp also comes up with some most advanced features. The new WhatsApp updates 2019, made the application more user-friendly. In new updates, the company has added mainly two special features that are;
1. Continuous voice note
2. Forwarding information features
Both of these amazing features were is in testing mode and now it’s available with the new update. Apart from these, WhatsApp has some other new features like  Whatsapp Web Pip improvements, Tipline, number restriction in forwarding chats, dark mode and more.

1. How about Continuous Voice Note Accessibility In WhatsApp:

As it name says the facility is for the users to play the audio records continuously. After its reach, the users will no longer have to play their voice messages. To access this update you have to play the first audio and remaining will be played continuously automatically.
2. What Is Forwarding Information Feature:
This feature was first seen in the beta version in April 2019. Through this special feature, users will find out how many times a message has been delivered. But, this will help to know only when you forwarded the messages to someone yourself.
3. Web PiP Mode Improvements in Whatsapp
The WhatsApp has introduced their Picture-in-Picture mode feature for desktop users by last year. But with that feature, it was worked only for the videos shared by the users themselves. In its latest version, the WhatsApp Web users will get accessibility to use PiP mode for all video links, and it will be with the support of YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram video links.
4.Dark Mode In New WhatsApp  Update:
The dark mode feature is the most awaited feature doe WhatsApp and that has been in Facebook-owned messaging app by early this year. there is some advantage of having a dark mode in an application, that is it is easier on the eyes in the late night chats and it will save your device battery life.

WhatsApp New Add Option Will Be Enters By 2020;

Yes, the advertisements will be seen on your WhatsApp by the year 2020.  In the future, WhatsApp will look like Facebook and Youtube. With the new feature, the users will be capable to reach their advertisements through their WhatsApp.
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