Now Say “Hey Google Tell me a story” To Your Google Assistant!


The Google Assistant Can Read Stories For Your Babies.

It’s really good news for parents. If you are tired in the night bedtime or not particularly
good to say some stories for your kids, now the google assistant can help you out. The
Google introduced & “tell me a story” feature in English on Thursday in India, US, and
If you want to hear a story any time just ask your google assistant “Hey google tell me a
story.” It will be ready to play different kinds of stories for you. This interesting feature
you can access from any iOS or Android smartphone devices.
Previously Google launched this storytelling feature on its Google home smart speakers,
but it does limit where the stories take place.  The new feature has brought out all of the
difficulties of such a way to provide smooth service.

How to Use Google Assistant “Tell me a story”.

Last year you may be used this feature on your Google home, Mini or Max to tell a quick
tale for your baby. And now, the same feature you are going to use on your iOS or
Android Smartphone device.
To get this on your mobile first you will have to check your phone is with the latest
version of Google assistant or not.  If it confirms that you are with the latest version,
then it is very easy just go to the google assistant and say & “Hey Google, Tell me a story.”
Once you finished this you can choose some other supported books as per your

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