People should know the fact that eating of gooseberry may cause failure of kidney functioning.

People should know the fact that eating of gooseberry may cause failure of kidney functioning..

This question is asked frequently now a day. This type of questions arises in people mind
due to the face book post posted by a doctor on his experience about it. This bought anxiety in the people who ate gooseberry regularly in pickles as well as raw is the fact. Let us see the FACT about this.

Most essential thing required to increase the immunity power of human body is
VITAMIN C. Gooseberry contains vitamin C abundantly. but our body do not have the storing
capability of vitamin c. Vitamin C are of two types ,one dissolves in body fat other in, only required amount of vitamin C is absorbed by our body remaining is eliminated from the Vitamin C we consumes.

Required amount of vitamin C required for a normal human is 65-90microgram.If the
food we consumes vitamin C more than this limit, our body absorbs required and eliminates else. Maximum amount of vitamin C one can tolerate per day is 2000microgram.More than this amount in one’s body causes side effects such as head ache, gas trouble, loose motion etc.

 Kidneys absorbs amount of vitamins required for the body and eliminates the excess.
These eliminates are known as Oxalate. If you do not drink sufficient amount of water, these
oxalates will stuck in your kidneys. This is the main reason for kidney stone. Accumulation of
oxalates effects badly on functioning of kidney also. This is known as OXALATES NEPHROPATHY.

This is not caused to all people who ate gooseberry which contains Vitamin C. We have
to drink at least 3litre of water per day. Lack of water causes accumulation of oxalates which causes many side effects as mentioned earlier. Not only gooseberry contains Vitamin C but also other fruits we eat regularly. But comparing with other fruits amount of Vitamin C is high in gooseberry. A single gooseberry contains almost 600microgram of Vitamin C. Since Vitamin C is very essential now a day, most of us drink juices of gooseberry or juices of other fruits with gooseberry. In such cases amount of Vitamin C increases in our body more than the sufficient and causes many side effects. So remember that EVEN IN IF IT’S THE DIVINE NECTAR, WHEN CONSUMED IN LIMITS BEYOND WHAT IS NECESSARY, WILL ACT AS POISON. So we prefer to use only in required manner.

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