Most of the people complaints that play parts of body feel gas troubling; sometimes it may be in chest, sometimes feels as rolling through shoulders. When we massage such parts burps comes out and we feel relaxed. These are sometimes happened in hands and legs which causes severe pain. In some people gastritis causes head ache, nausea, head burn etc. Sometimes people gets back to normal either by vomiting or burping. Let us see how this gas develops in chest, throat and how to solve it.

In our body there is a nerve which connects directly to our brain and internal organs. It’s called as vagus nerve. This vagus nerve connects our stomach and brain, and passes messages to and, we have to refer whether the food consumed is as required for our body or not? Our hunger is normal or not? One’s stomach is filled after food or not? All these things and tensions developed in our mind causes stomach related diseases, due to passage of message through vagus nerve.

Hence any problems in vagus nerve cause big problems. Sometimes patients visit doctor with the complaint that head is filled with gases which make doctor to laugh since it is not practical. But patients experience was distinct. If massages properly he burps and this burp removes his pain in head .If doctor ignores the condition people do not believe it.

Main reason for this is digestion of food we consume, for this there is a need of vagus nerve signal from brain. When vagus nerve do not gives correct signal or slowdown of functioning can cause gas problems in people. These effects the functioning of heart, liver, lungs etc, because vagus nerve have great effort in functioning of these organs. If you are more tensed you feel loss of appetite and during consumption of food, food does not digest properly. This is because vagus nerves do not function properly when you tensed.

When the food you consumes contains more gas troubles and indigestion, stomach troubling effects vagus nerve functioning and stimulates it. This stimulation transmits wrong signal to brain. This causes head ache, nausea and many other gas troubles.

Most of the time we feel gas trouble in chest, back, hands, legs etc. It is the fact that gas is not
getting into that portion. But due to the misunderstanding of the problem by brain we feel as like. Most of the time we feel stomach full of gas which causes wrong transmission of signals and cause nausea. He may become normal when vomits and passes correct signal to the brain.

Doubts occur in most of the people is that if it’s not gas trouble what may be the reason for burp when massaging and feels normal? Main reason for this is good massaging stimulates sympathetic nerve system and it improves the functioning of vagus nerve. During this time gases that blocks your functioning emits out by means of burps and removes pain in that region.




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