Reduce fatty liver with food

Fatty liver is a common disease.

What is fatty liver?

It means deposition of excess fat in the liver, which is the 2nd largest organ of the body. The main function of the liver is detoxification.


Alcoholic fatty liver

Non alcoholic fatty liver


Alcoholic fatty liver caused due to consumption of alcohol

Other than alcohol following contribute to this

Hyperlipidemia…high fat in blood



Side effect of certain medication like aspirin, steroids, etc

Up to an extent the liver can reverse the condition by building new cells.but when the limit exceeds results in fatty liver further cirrhosis of liver that is inflammation  finally death.

What is the food to choose to prevent fatty liver

Fishes like salmon, sardines ,cod rich in omega fatty acid .this will maintain fat level &decrease inflammation.

Fruits like banana,pears,kiwi,apricot rich source of vitamin that helps indigestion.

Coffee lowers the abnormal liver enzymes.

Veggies like sweet potato,broccoli,peas .

Milk &yoghurt

Be away from food like

  • Alcohol
  • Fried food
  • Salt
  • Rice
  • Yeast containing food like bread

Everyone does not want to drink medicine..since it is a disease which can be modified with lifestyle..Opt for it rather than medicine.


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