Small Budget Home With Better Interior And Exterior

This is a small budget home with better interior and exterior in small area .Total floor area is 1804sq.ft.

All of us have a dream to have own homes within affordable budget. Not only budget but it also
should be liked by anyone at first sight .Here we introduce single storied contemporary style withcombined sloped and flat roof with two bed rooms.

Two sit outs are provided one at kitchen side and other at front. Front veranda is fully provided with UPVC window which looks like European style.

Car porch is box type which makes it elegant. This home is very stylish and spacious in small area.

Bed rooms are spacious with white paint and simple cloth long curtain which makes it elegant .Cots are made of mica material which is long-lasting .Other bedroom is attached to toilet and dress area which can be used as master bed room.

One of the main attraction of this home is UPVC windows which is trending .Living room is wooden shaded with ten seating sofa with better space utilization.

Entrance from veranda is to a 3m wide foyer which makes it not congested

Dining is spacious, provided with bench type seating with courtyard view which brings natural light. Crockery unit is provided with white and wooden shade. Not only this, all furniture’s are provided in such a manner in order to make it standard. Wash unit is placed near the courtyard view of dining area.

Craze of women in a home is kitchen. One of the attractions of the kitchen is also white and wooden shade mica cupboards. Granites toping are provided for placing electronic appliances .Wall tiles are 1×1 sized with white glossy finishing.


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