Diseases that effects lever can be categorized to lever cirrhosis .Reasons for lever
cirrhosis include alcohol addiction, hepatitis B, C, fatty lever etc. Nerves of lever fails and due to this lever swell, at that time lever cirrhosis occurs. When lever fails kidney also fails and it may cause death.

Life style and food styles of people at now a day can cause liver cirrhosis even for middle
ages. There are many natural remedies and single medicine therapy for this.

Diseases that affects lever may be various. Losses of appetite, jaundice, vomiting, loss of
weight, itching in the body etc. are symptoms of diseases that affects lever. Alcohol addiction,
hepatitis B, C, fatty lever may be due to lever cirrhosis.

7 curry leaves, turmeric ,ginger, cumin seeds 1 spoon,4 gooseberry,7cloves of garlic, small
onion or onion 5 cloves,coriander,7 leaves of mint are required for this. Grind all these and drink in empty stomach. Have breakfast only after half an hour .Those who are effected by lever cirrhosis or any other lever problems may have 100gm of black cumin seed, and 100gm of fennel, may fry separately and grind it and mix it and have it in a manner of 1 table spoon in one glass of hot water. Drink at morning and evening. Those who are affected by lever diseases should reduce salt content in the food and should have lots of water. Mung bean is better for breakfast for those people affected by lever cirrhosis.

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