When comes to the matter of ironing we are little lazy…Without ironing for some can’t think of going out…The discovery of tersa steam will be a relief for laziness.

Tersa steam press is discovered by Jasper Pickering. With this ironing will be much easy…it is just a 10 minute process.

The machine contains hanger to place the dress.

Water pod in which scent can be added so that you will get a pleasant smell to.

All you have to do I place the dress on the machine and press start button. The rest process will be done by the machine

With this you don’t have to worry about burning of dress due to higher temperature, everything will be done be regulated by the machine.


  • Eco friendly
  • 3 ounce of water needed for 1 cycle
  • Efficient

Thanks for such great innovation which is very useful &helpful in a busy life.

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