This is a double storied house with three bed rooms,1768 SQ FT

Homes are dream of every single person. This is a double storied house with three bed rooms, one at first floor and else at ground floor. This is a contemporary traditional mix south Indian style home with outward car porch. It contains dining cum living at both the floors. One of the bedrooms at ground floor is attached with toilet. Also it contains a common toilet which is provided at dining cum living area for easy access. Other bed room at ground floor can be used as guest room or for other members. Toilet is also provided in the first floor and also separate region is provided as wash area in both floors which makes the dining area spacious. Seating arrangements are provided in front sit out using wood and also there is a sit out at backside which gives privacy for ladies.1.2m wide stair is provided so that steps are not congested. Kitchen gives working tendency for every women who enters the kitchen as it is spacious.

At first floor open terrace is provided as it can be used for drying clothes especially during rainy season and also people with small plot. It can also make elegant by providing asbestos and GI pipe.

Exterior is very elegant which make every person attractive. Exterior colour combination brings the attention of passengers too. Car porch is supported with pillars covered by cladding. Claddings are also provided in the exterior wall of bed room which can be viewed from front. Parapets are well designed with cladding and pergola type plastering which is painted with orange colour, one of the highlighting colours. White colour with grey combination makes it bright and attractive.

Outer regions are well floored with inter lock with a combination of white and grey as like exterior of home. Boarders are fenced with better stones and lights are provided at particular intervals for view at night. Right side of inter lock is provided with gardening which makes outer the green and makes the family relaxed.

This home is affordable for every individual as it has only 1768.7sq.ft total area with ground floor 1111.6 sq. ft and first floor with657.7 sq. ft.


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