Why you asked to switch off your phones in flight?

Whenever &wherever you enter the flight you will get an irritating announcement to switch off your mob phns just before take-off.have you ever thought why you should switch off? What will happen if the phone is not switched off.

Let us look out for some of possible reasons for this

The main reason is the potential interference with ground.

Electromagnetic interference with aircraft can also happen.

Due to the electromagnetic radiation from mobiles the flight recorder may not be able to detect any failure of critical system of flight which will result in more dangerous outcomes…a burst or explosion.

Normally in ground our phone will get easily network from the nearest tower but n flight which is several heights from ground there will be difficulty in getting range this results in stronger emission of radiation that will finally interfere with flights communication or smooth operation.

For our safety we have to obey the ban of mobile in flight…researches are going on to overcome this difficulty, may be some time in future you can travel in flight with your mobiles on…the great minds are behind it.

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